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If You Are A Business Owner There Is NO FEE To Do Business With Us… No Minimum Order Fees… No Drop Shipping Fees… You Simply Pay The Lowest Wholesale Prices Available For Our Products And Sell Them To Your Customers For A Quick Profit… And If You Want Us To… We’ll Even Pack-up Your Orders And Send Them Directly To Your Customer… So You Don’t Have To… 100% Hands-Free!

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Check Out The Marketing Manual If You Would Like More Information On Selling These Products...

“When You Make Money, We Make Money!”台湾体育投注网站

As a wholesaler, the more successful you are, the more successful we are. That’s why we are eager to help you succeed.

Maybe you’re an established business or maybe you’re just starting out. When you need help, we’ll be here. We’ve been doing this for a long time, 32 years, and will be one of the best resources you have.

There is no fee to do business with us. We are a true wholesaler. Start the process of becoming an Authorized Dealer by clicking here.

If you need help, you’ll get it. We have a 24/7 support system you will be given access to when you become an Authorized Dealer. We also have a gun show/flea market Facebook group which you can join. There is a lot of help and instruction in this group. There is also a great tutorial on setting up a route of stores to sell to. You can get help with selling on the Internet, too.

Selling At Local Market Events, Like Gun Shows, Flea Markets, Boat Shows, etc…体育投注网站app


You can sell these products anyway you want, including on eBay, Amazon, your own website, or local market events, like flea markets and gun shows.

Using our pepper spray displays, you can set up a profitable vending route selling to beauty shops, nail salons, locksmiths, convenience stores, sporting goods stores, hardware stores, gun shops, drug stores, gas stations, gift shops, etc.

Best of all, the products you sell can be drop shipped directly from us to your customers. That way you don’t have to stock any products, if you don’t want to.


We are the manufacturer of Stun Master®, Runt®, Trigger®, MultiGuard®, Slider® and Lil Guy® stun guns and Pepper Shot® and Wildfire® pepper sprays.

We are a major importer and a Master Distributor for Mace, Taser and Garrett Metal Detectors.

We have tactical pens, throwing knives, tactical flashlights, survival tools, folding knives, stun gun flashlights, hunting knives, expandable batons, survival knives, power banks, spring assisted knives, automatic knives, butterfly knives, home protection, throwing stars, stun batons, security products, defense keychains, led flashlights, emergency preparedness, safety lights, and many more personal security products.

You are dealing directly with the source for self defense products, survival gear, hidden cameras…all our products.

Our pepper sprays are manufactured here in the USA. And, we have the best!

“You’ll Have Instant Access To Over 400 Of The Hottest-Selling Self Defense Wholesale Products!”台湾体育投注网站

With Safety Technology you have access to many, many non-lethal self defense products at the best wholesale prices…such as:

Stun Guns – Safety Technology started with stun guns as it’s first product back in 1986.  We manufacture over 50 models and 7 brands and are a Master Distributor for Zap® stun guns. There are many colors to choose from and safety features, including disabling wrist straps.

Pepper Spray – The pepper spray brands that we manufacture are Wildfire® and Pepper Shot®.  We use the true measure of effectiveness which is Major Capsaicinoids.  Our pepper sprays are some of the most powerful on the market. We are also a Master Distributor for MACE® products. When you sell our pepper sprays, you can be confident you are selling the best!
Tasers® – Safety Technology is also a Master Distributor for Taser. In most cases, you will be able to purchase Tasers from us at a better wholesale price than you would get from buying directly from Taser.

Personal Alarms – We have more than a dozen personal alarms for you to sell.  We also have some of the loudest.  There are different colors and cuteness factors.

Diversion Safes – Also called stash safes and can safes.  These are some of the best sellers for those selling at gun shows, flea markets and home parties.  Available in grocery items, household items, books, clocks and more.

Survival Gear – We’ve got survival gear for camping and emergencies, like fire starters, solar ovens, water filters, saws, knives, paracord, solar power, etc.
Hidden Cameras – We have many hidden cameras that look like everyday household items, a cross, watches, necktie, car key, rear view mirror, flashlight and others.  They all have built-in DVR’s which make them very easy to set up and watch what the cameras record.

Spy – We have all-in-one camera systems, dummy cameras, an inexpensive way of protecting property, bug detectors for finding hidden audio or video surveillance and audio recorders.
…And Much, Much More!

“We’ll Even Build Your Website For You”

Since the year 2000, we’ve been building websites for dealers and helping them sell on the Internet.

Yes, you are welcome to build your own website, but after you’ve finished, you only have a website…not a business. The business is marketing.  Getting visitors to your website and converting those visitors into customers.  Do you know how to do this?

With us, you will have a beautiful and easy to use website, PLUS, the training that will allow you to make money with it.

With us, you WILL have a business!

Safety Technology BBB Business Review

For business owners, there is no charge to do business with us and no minimum order.

If you do not have a business, there are options for you to become an Authorized Dealer.

The process to get started is very simple. Click Here to fill out the 九洲体育博彩投注网站. Once you do, you will be given access to wholesale prices, product images and descriptions.

Get Michael Gravette’s Internet Traffic Blueprint for making money with your website, PLUS a brand new website with all our 400+ products, so you can start making thousands of dollars every month!

AND…We will give you 60 days, 2 months, to try your new business out.  If you decide its not for you, we will refund what you paid to have the website built.

Click the button below to register for a 30 minute webinar that will explain everything.

Veteran Owned Business Directory, Get your free listing, now!

I would like to take just a minute to thank Michael and his staff for the great business that they conduct at their location and for helping us to get our businesses off the ground.

Michael has been great to us, and I want to thank him and his staff again. They do a wonderful job at what they do, and I would gladly, gladly recommend them to anybody that's looking to start a business on their own.

David Edwards

I had success with Ebay, but I have NEVER been successful at getting traffic to my websites. Your coaching program is the first I have been in that tells the truth about internet marketing and running an online business. No one but you has ever told me about the things that can really drive traffic to your website without breaking the bank!

ReShonda Young

I have done business with Safety Technology off and on for probably about eight or nine years.  I sell their products on eBay.

I found everything that Safety Technology or Micheal has done to be very helpful.  Any problems I've had over the years were taken care of - which were very few if any. I was always able to talk to a real person which made a lot of difference. All my experiences have been very good and I highly recommend them.

Bart Bailey